Preparation Ideas

Suggestions to Prepare Raw Cacao

In this section, we want to share our ideas for the preparation of raw cacao (beans and powder).  We’d also love to hear about yours, as we hope to develop a recipe book inspired by the experiences of our customers.

For the most part, raw cacao beans are enjoyed as snacks while ground raw cacao can be used in a variety of raw preparations, especially in superfood juices created from available food resources. In the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, we have a great biodiversity of fruits with different harvest times so superfood juices vary seasonally. The only fruits that are consistently produced throughout the year here are bananas and pineapples and we can get these fruits from local families and indigenous communities who produce these organic crops produced by local families and indigenous communities.

Because bananas are so common in this region, we often mix this sweet fruit with raw cacao and add other delicious fruits grown in our family gardens. If you prefer your superfood juice to have a chocolate flavour, we recommend that you use our nibs or pure chocolate paste.


Now that we have shared how we include raw cacao in our diet, we would love to hear about your own culinary experiences with cacao. Send us a quick note about your favourite ways to eat it, particularly with fruits that are available in your part of the world.

Suggestions to prepare toasted cacao (nibs and chocolate paste)

In this section, we want to share some ideas about preparing roasted cacao such as our nibs and pure cacao paste. Cacao nibs are a perfect addition to baked recipes and can be used in the preparation of dark chocolate. There are many resources online with additional suggestions about how to use nibs in your cooking and food preparation.



Pure cacao paste is also known as chocolate liquor, and there are two popular ways to prepare it. First, you can melt the 100g bar of paste in a bain-marie (a double-boiler conducts too much heat for optimum melting), resulting in a thick liquid.  You can also add the paste directly to ½ liter of water and simmer it for 10 minutes with spices of your choice such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  This will give you a thinner solution.  Both methods produce a syrup that you can use to make icing or ganache or traditional chocolate flavoured drinks.